Meet the Nature Relaxation™ Team of Inspired Artists & Expert Collaborators.

David Huting
Filmmaker, Producer, CEO & Founder
Location: San Diego, California
Alex Smith
Musician & Producer
Location: Boulder, CO
Stefan Zimmerman
Drone Pilot & Film Maker
Location: Germany
Peter Schneider
Expert Underwater Cinematographer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Noel Thomas
Drone Pilot, Cinematographer & Producer
Location: New Jersey
Professional Colorist, Editor, & Content Specialist
Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Elliot Manning Bio

Elliot Manning
Filmmaker, Interactive Multimedia & Digital Design Specialist
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Roman Khomylak
Cinematographer & Film Producer
Location: Seattle, WA
Todd Salat
Aurora Borealis Photographer & Film Maker
Location: Anchorage, AK
Ivo Bagaric
Cinematographer & Film Director
Location: Croatia

Leon Schnabl
Filmmaker & Photographer
Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Nick deJonge - Skeyes
Photographer/Cinematographer & Pilot
Location: Netherlands
John of Light
Music Producer & Nature Film Maker
Location: Washington State

Chuck Wild  (Liquid Mind™)
Music Composer & Producer
Santa Monica, CA

Tilo & Yvonne Kühnast AKA NaturePicsFilms
Underwater Cinematographers
Location: Caribbean
Filmmaker & Explorer
Location: Utah

Space Visual & Music Producer
Location: Azores Islands
Musician and Producer
Lancashire, England

Henrik Airaksinen
Location: Finland

Adi Goldstein
Musician / Composer
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Antonio Resende
Music Composer
Location: Brazil
Brett Z
Production Assistant & Web Designer
Location: Iowa
Positive Change Coach
Location: Montana
Russ Miller
Assistant Producer, Drone Pilot & Veteran Outreach
Location: Montana
Drew Belnap, MD
Medical Doctor & Ketamine Therapy Advocate
Location: Encinitas, CA

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Company Information

Nature Relaxation™ is a premium niche video brand producing ultra high definition nature videos designed for relaxation, ambiance, and holistic stress relief. Independently produced in San Diego by David Huting, Nature Relaxation™ videos sweep audiences on soothing, majestic journeys to the world's natural paradises, where viewers can relax and enjoy the positive health benefits which stem from an increased exposure to nature. Replace Your Worries With Wonder today with Nature Relaxation!™

Studio / Office Location:
San Diego, California

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