About Drew Belnap, Nature Relaxation Collaborator

Meet Dr. Drew Belnap, Medical Doctor .

Location: Encinitas, CA

Drew Belnap has over 10 years of experience with IV Ketamine infusions.  In early 2016, he decided to leave the operating room to focus on helping patients find relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD and neuropathic pain exclusively through Ketamine treatments.  His patients appreciate his compassionate, patient centered approach. 

Thanks to Drew's one-on-one patient therapy sessions each day which involves administering IV treatment and displaying Nature Relaxation videos, he receives a lot of extremely valuable feedback as to specific shot selection, framing, music and more. Since patients are more responsive to both positive & negative stimuli, his feedback helps create seamless relaxation experiences free of scenes that may cause anxiety or alarm with patients.

More Information About Drew Belnap's Ketamine Therapy for Depression:

While serving in Afghanistan, Dr. Belnap felt tremendous satisfaction helping the wounded soldiers and civilians.  Since that time, he has longed for more meaningful patient interactions where he could feel that he was making a significant difference in people’s lives.

Through two wars, Dr. Belnap cared for thousands of active duty and retired service members and their families. He was disheartened to see so many of them struggling with the effects of PTSD, Depression and Anxiety without significant relief from traditional antidepressant medications.

Dr. Belnap feels tremendous satisfaction witnessing the transformation that takes place as patients get their lives back from neuropathic pain, depression and other mood disorders through IV Ketamine.

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