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"Alps & Dolomites" 5 Min Short Drone Nature Film in 4K

Relax and soar over the majestic Alps of Switzerland and Dolomites of Italy in this heavenly Nature Relaxation short aerial ambient film in 4K UHD.  Paired to a brand new...

"Flying Over Scotland" Highlands 1 HR Aerial 4K Nature Film + Music

"FLYING OVER SCOTLAND" sweeps viewers on an incredibly beautiful and calming Nature Relaxation journey to the famous Isle of Skye / Highlands. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman and featuring all brand-new...

"Golden Hour in Paradise" Sunsets & Sunrises 1HR Dynamic Film 4K

This 1-hour long epic 4K UHD video collage with soft instrumental music sweeps viewers from one golden moment in paradise to the next, with ambient nature sounds and soft 528HZ...

"Moraine Lake Relaxation" 1 HR Dynamic Signature Nature Film 4K

Arguably the most beautiful lake in the world, Moraine Lake is a stunning glacier fed lake nestled below the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park, Alberta. In...

"Spring Super Bloom Relaxation" 45 MIN Dynamic Film in 4K UHD

"Spring Super Bloom Relaxation" is a color and music-filled multi-sensory immersion into a springtime flower paradise, offering a mix of aerial and closeup spring scenes from Lake Elsinore and Carlsbad,...

"Dawn in Paradise" 4K 1 Hour Dynamic Nature Film

Designed to be the perfect video with to play as you start to awaken for the day, "Dawn In Paradise" immerses viewers in the magical sounds of a tropical island...

"Mountain Lake Sunset Reflection" 1 HR Static 4K Nature Relaxation Video

Perfect as a screensaver or to create a background ambiance, this static 1-hour scene from Banff National Park features a stunning view of a beautiful glacier-fed lake at sunset. Filmed...

"Calming Mountain Waterfall" 1 Hr Static 4K Nature Relaxation Video

This stunning static 4K UHD waterfall scene from Jasper National Park features the beautiful Tangle Falls on a sunny fall day. Although it's a fixed angle, it contains several dynamic...

"Best of Nature Relaxation: 2018" 10 HOUR Drone Video + Music 4K

A magical ten hour long compilation of signature Nature Relaxation videos published in 2018 paired with graciously flowing transitions and a seamless music score  that lasts for a full ten hours...

"Flying Over Italy" Cinque Terre Coast 1 HR Drone Film + Music in 4K

Experience the magical sights & sounds of Italy's famous Cinque Terre coast for a full hour with "Flying Over Italy: Cinque Terre." The film offers a dynamic array of gorgeous...

"Snowy Mountain Dreamland" 15 MIN Dynamic Aerial Nature Video w Music 4K

Prepare your senses to enter a magical white winter dreamland with this 15-minute ultra dynamic nature film showcasing some breathtaking, majestic mountain forest snow scenes paired with spa-style music for...

"The Sacred Southwest in Winter" 2 HR Dynamic Drone Video + Music 4K

Prepare your senses for the ultimate Nature Relaxation™ travel experience as you soar over some of the Southwest USA's most timeless and iconic locations in the wintertime. Beginning in California's...
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