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Artist Statement from Stefan ZImmerman:
My passion is to collect as many as possible great moments in life. I love to travel, meet people from all around the world and explore our world with its fascinating places. I'm still damn nervous before any video or photo like I was 25 years ago.

I always try to capture very rare moments, e.g. a complete rainbow, a train that only passes 2x a day, a certain position of the sun that only occurs 1x a day for 10 minutes and is necessary for a specific reflection, absolute calm with water surfaces and countless other examples.

Without idea, patience, perseverance and getting involved with nature it doesn't work, but not only the timing is very important, but timing + right place. For me personally, this is the most exciting way to film or photograph.

Every new project is therefore always a new challenge and a little bit of luck can never hurt. Unfortunately in these rare moments you usually don't have a second chance, for me even after so many years still a nervous affair.

My videos don't change the world, it doesn't have to, despite everything it's nice when I kidnap people for a few minutes from everyday life. I have almost fulfilled my very personal mission and that in turn fills my heart.

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"Flying Over Scotland" Highlands 1 HR Aerial 4K Nature Film + Music

"FLYING OVER SCOTLAND" sweeps viewers on an incredibly beautiful and calming Nature Relaxation journey to the famous Isle of Skye / Highlands. Filmed by Stefan Zimmerman and featuring all brand-new...

"Above the Spanish Isles: Mallorca & Canary" 1 HR DRONE Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

The first collaboration between cinematographer Stefan Zimmerman and Nature Relaxation™ producer David Huting, "Above the Spanish Islands" sweeps viewers on an inspirational, beauty-filled 50 minute aerial voyage over the wonders...

"Earth From Above" 7 HOUR Aerial Drone Film + Music (4K)

Soar over many of the world's most breathtaking natural paradises for SEVEN full hours of original AppleTV-style ambient relaxation, thanks to this new extended-length drone film by Nature Relaxation™ producer...

"Best of Nature Relaxation: 2018" 10 HOUR Drone Video + Music 4K

A magical ten hour long compilation of signature Nature Relaxation videos published in 2018 paired with graciously flowing transitions and a seamless music score  that lasts for a full ten hours...

"Amazing Planet Earth: Nature Relaxation Journey 4" 1.2 HR Dynamic Film in 4K

An exceptionally relaxing and wonder-filled continuation of the Nature Relaxation Journey series, Part IV gently transports viewers to some of the world's most amazing natural wonders, like Alaska's Aurora Borealis,...
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