How to Easily Broadcast Nature Relaxation Content to ANY Smart TV Using Your Phone as a Controller

How to Playback on Any Smart TV with Airplay in 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Download the Nature Relaxation app for your phone on iOS or Android

(Note: A Subscription is Not Required To Test. Simply Download and Visit the Free Videos Collection. You can also Purchase a Yearly Subscription Below)

2. Ensure Your Phone or Tablet is on the Same WiFi Network As Your Smart TV.

3. While Playing Any Videos, Click the Airplay Button.
Preview of Icon In App:

(Above icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the video on your phone/tablet).

That's It!  
A prompt will display on your TV automatically; proceed with them and after a short time loading the video should be playing on your TV.
(Note Quality Will Improve After A few Seconds)


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