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"Equally important as my dedication to producing only the highest quality videos available, I strive to provide only the best top-notch, personalized customer service. I take pride in the reassuring and inspiring words of past and current Nature Relaxation customers- take a read yourself, and trust that your investment in nature relaxation is a sound one.  After all, you're here to relax, right?"

-david huting
owner, founder, producer 


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"These videos are top notch across the board.
The locations chosen are incredible, the framing, the light and the audio all come together to make for a truly immersive experience, I actually got that release you feel when you finally get out into nature ….sitting at my desk. " - Thomas S

"Beautiful, inspiring for the soul.
Your videos are rich in color and content which stirs the soul and feeds the senses. I appreciate the well thought-out music and the serenity that each scene brings to my office and my home."-Robert O

Window to the splendor of nature.

Not able to travel my self, i was so glad to find David's video's because of the long shots he allows the viewer to fully immerse and take in the beauty of nature. I can watch scenes over and over again and it is relaxing for body and just let go and let the beauty wash over you!. ...I also dare to say that it is in some way it works like a pain/anxiety relief, because i can experience that to some extent. -Chris H"

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