About Alex Smith, Nature Relaxation Exclusive Musician

Meet Alex Smith, Music Producer Extraordinaire.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

"Hello, I'm Alex Smith, video game and electronic music enthusiast! You might have heard of me as The Cynic Project. My song Matrix ][ achieved six million downloads on mp3.com back in 1999. I'm fascinated by the hidden beauty encoded in deterministic processes and stuff like fractalscellular automatagenerative music, and emergent behavior."

With more than 20 years of musical expertise & experience working in the sound engineering industry as well as producing ambient / electronic music under the Cynic Project Label, Colorado-based Alex Smith offers a unique style of music that is rich in substance. style, and when paired with Nature Relaxation videos makes for the ultimate relaxation experience. He frequently works with his wife Julie Hatfield and her two sisters to blend subtle yet magical vocals, which have now become a part of his signature sound.

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