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 Noel Thomas Specializes in the Production of  Aerial Photography And Films From Around The World


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"Flying Over Bermuda" 80 Min Aerial/Drone Film + Music (4K)

Relax and unwind as you soar above the vibrant turquoise-blue waters & coastlines of Bermuda for 80 minutes with "Flying Over Bermuda", the newest Nature Relaxation aerial film shot in...

"Autumn From Above" 6 Minute Short Drone Film in 4K UHD

Relax and enjoy a peaceful voyage over majestic autumn-tinted forests of Vermont & upstate New York with this calming short Nature Relaxation film with classical piano music. Filmed by collaborator...

"French Caribbean Paradise" Guadeloupe 8 Min Aerial Music Video in 4K

Let go of all your cares and worries as you experience the wonders of one of the Caribbean's most jaw-droppingly beautiful islands as seen from the bird's eye view thanks...

"Flying Over Kauai" Hawaii 1.5 HR Aerial Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

ABOUT: "Flying Over Kauai" transports viewers on a visually breathtaking yet incredibly soothing & immersive aerial voyage over Hawaii's Garden Island. Known for its lush tropical climate and epic coastlines...

"Best of Nature Relaxation: 2018" 10 HOUR Drone Video + Music 4K

A magical ten hour long compilation of signature Nature Relaxation videos published in 2018 paired with graciously flowing transitions and a seamless music score  that lasts for a full ten hours...
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