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Meet Peter Schneider, AKA Underwatercam.

About Peter Schneider / UnderWaterCam.TV:
Born in Berlin, Germany, Peter Schneider is a professional underwater cameraman and PADI diving instructor. Before he settled down in French Polynesia in 2001, he worked more than ten years for German television.
"It was always my dream to combine the two big passions of my life, diving and making films! What is comes first? That is a good question! For me diving is a kind of meditation, weightless drifting into a world, where you just can be a visitor for a limited time, but wish to stay for forever. Taking underwater pictures is also a kind of hunting. You try to foresee what the animal will do next. Learn to understand their behavior and finding ways to approach without scaring them away. You start to communicate and find yourself to thank them for a wonderful pose. Yes, it might sound a bit crazy to you, but that is how it is, I love what I am doing and I am grateful to have the privilege to do what I do." - Peter

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