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[Best Prices of the Year!] Save an unprecedented 65% off all orders on NatureRelaxation.com over $50 using code CYBER65. NatureRelaxation.com presents the best sale of the year! 65% OFF Any Nature Relaxation Order* *Order Must Be Over $50 Before Discount. Use discount code: 'CYBER65' RIDICULOUS PRICES ON 1 HOUR FILMS! 1 Hour HD videos = $3.49 each! 1 Hour 4K videos = $6.99 each! NEW AMAZING VIDEO BUNDLE: 24 HOURS of Nature Relaxation A dazzling and diverse variety of styles, locations, and subjects, the 24 Hours of Nature video bundle includes 24 HOURS of amazing Nature Relaxation videos filmed in 4K and available with or without music. It is a great value and way to add a lot of nature to your collection at a low cost.Price=$299After Discount = $104! view all bundles Browse Over 200 More Videos
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As a thank you to those soldiers who has fought in the name of freedom, Nature Relaxation founder David Huting is offering all vets $100 in free video downloads. Vets: THANK YOU for Serving. My gift to you:$100 in Free NatureRelaxation.com Store Credit!  "Your commitment to helping protect our country and freedoms we enjoy as Americans can never be overlooked, and because I realize that times are stressful, I want to give you $100 in Nature Relaxation video downloads to Help Relieve Anxiety, symptoms of PTSD, Tinnitus, Fall Asleep, and More. My current veretan Nature Relaxation viewers and vet center clients have expressed wonderful feedback in the healing powers these videos are having, and so I hope you can experience the same from the comfort of your own home! God Bless!"-David Huting, NatureRelaxation.com Founder & Producer To Get Your $100 in Free Credit:Simply comment on this post or email me (David Huting)...
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In this new and compelling essay series, Nature Relaxation viewer Chris Y shares his experience with struggling to defeat anxiety and depression thanks to using Nature to battle negative thoughts and emotions.(Read time: 5 minutes)Tags: depression relief, anxiety relief, depression cure, depression treament, anxiety treatment, mindfulness, nature as therapy Anxiety & Depression - A Personal Story of How it Started and How I Learned to Treat It Part I: Using Nature As a Therapy for Anxiety & Depression "Anxiety and Depression are emotional subjects which can be as hard to write about as it is read so thank you for persevering. As stated previously these disorders are a very personal experience and will differ from person to person but there is much commonality and people who suffer can learn much from one another on how to cope and manage, in this second part of this article I will write about what I have...
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Taking time to do relax and let our minds wander can help boost creativity and lead to moments of insight, neuroscientists suggest in a recent Inc.com article about the Secrets of Creativity. I take it one step further and discuss how Nature can aid in creating a relaxing environment. Question: What are some good ways to foster creative insight and innovation in every day work? This question and response by author Brigid Shulte originally appeared on Quora, the knowledge-sharing site and was shared on Inc.com in an article called "Neuroscience Has Discovered the Secret to Creativity. "We tend to think of creativity as this flash of inspiration that comes unbidden and when we least expect it. Neuroscience is showing us that that's true, in part. But there are some things we can do to create more opportunities for these kinds of eureka moments that lead to more creativity, innovation, and insight at work." "The...
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LUXEMBOURG, 26 October 2016 -- SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) today announced the Nature Relaxation 4K channel has launched aboard its fast-growing Ultra HD distribution neighbourhood hosted by a trio of satellites (SES-1, SES-3 and AMC-18) at the centre of the North American orbital arc. As part of the agreement, Vivicast Media provides multi-platform licensing of Nature Relaxation programming throughout North America. The Nature Relaxation Ultra HD channel feed originates from SES’s Woodbine, Maryland mediaport, where it is prepared and uplinked to the SES-1 satellite and distributed to cable and broadcast distribution points throughout the US and the North American region. Nature Relaxation Ultra HD TV results from a partnership between the highly acclaimed nature cinematographer David Huting, who founded Nature Relaxation and Jon Gorchow, ex-Comcast media executive and owner of NatureVisionTV. The channel features more than 50 hours of beautiful, calming Nature Relaxaxtion videos, perfectly...
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