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A seasoned world-traveling cinematographer and inspired advocate of the Back to Nature movement, David Huting has made it his life’s mission to use his artistic creations to bring more natural beauty & joy into people's lives, helping spread the subtle yet important message of peace (relaxation) to the chaotic world we live in today. 

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David Huting is a San Diego-based, world-traveling expert photographer and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in digital content production. He's carved a career out of capturing the essence of beautiful natural locations on camera, in the form of high definition cinematic video.  Always in search of the perfect shot, Huting's spent the good majority of the last decade exploring and filming many of the planet's most remote, iconic, and exotic locations, with regular releases of new work.

Through his digital creations he seeks to not only share the beauty - and healing powers - of these places, but also to preserve them in digital form for generations to come. Because the Canon cameras he works with shoot both video and images, Huting decided long ago that instead of sticking to one, he'd attempt to master both mediums, and in 2013 founded two new niche art brands: Nature Relaxation™ offering his signature nature videos in an array of formats, and  Epic Wall Art™, which offers custom-made, high style canvas wall art in epic sizes.

Sharing Nature's beauty and her subtle yet important message of peace to the world, his Nature Relaxation™ videos are watched over 30 million minutes per month on youtube and are utilized in leading hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, as well as thousands of nursing homes, vet centers, dialysis & dentist clinics, addiction recovery centers, and more. 




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(Click here to read the story of how Nature Relaxation was born.) (Be warned, its long.)

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" 8 Hours of Beautiful Birds"4K UHD Dynamic Nature Video

Perfect for bird lovers and all-day relaxation, this new 8 hour long dynamic film features 8 hours of uninterrupted bird scenes from around America's Pacific Northwest, with sounds. Filmed in...

"12 Hours of Nature Relaxation" Video Bundle w Music 1080p HD

This spectacular 12 hour long video contains 12 of the most beautiful and healing Nature Relaxation videos, combined into a single video for easy all-day playback! Videos included all contain music...

"24 Hours of Nature" Video Download Bundle in 4K / HD

A dazzling and diverse variety of styles, locations, and subjects, the 24 Hours of Nature video bundle includes 24 HOURS of amazing Nature Relaxation videos filmed in 4K and available...

"4K Crackling Fireplace" Static Video Scene - 2 or 4 Hours

Relax for four full hours this holiday season and any other time you'd like to create a warming & calming ambiance featuring the real life sights and sounds of a...

"A Day in Big Sur" 2 Hour HD Nature Relaxation Video 1080p

Calm your nerves and relax your senses with this ultra relaxing, super high resolution visual journey through the heart of the iconic Big Sur coast. You'll see never before filmed...

"A Day in Santorini" 1 HR Greek Islands Relaxation Video (w/Music)

Turn any screen into a window the the Greek Islands with this immensely relaxing HD visual journey through the unique and beautiful coastal village of Oia, found on the far...

"A Day in the Caribbean" Antigua 4K 3.5 HR Dynamic Nature Video

Get your Piña Colada or Corona & Lime ready..."A Day in the Caribbean" transports viewers miles away from it all, to the gorgeous tropical island of Antigua, hidden in the...

"A Deeper Blue" Mountain Lakes Short Music Video HD 1080p

Award winning ambient composer Darshan Ambient and video producer David Huting combine in this stunning High Definition Nature Video showcasing the crystal-clear turquoise blue lakes of the Canadian Rockies, paired...

"A New Day in Big Sur" 2 HR Dynamic Nature Relaxation Video 1080p

In this 2 hour pure nature video you'll see a nice variety of new Big Sur locations angles as well as the icons such as Bixby Bridge, McWay Falls, and the Coastal Highway...

"A Night Under the Stars" 8 HR Sleep Enhancing Timelapse Video 4K

This never-been-done-before sleep video is designed to help soothe you to sleep, by transporting you to a tranquil, secluded beach just after sunset, where you'll enjoy an astonishing view of...

"A Peaceful Snow" Short 5 MIN Winter Music Video HD 1080p

Get into the snowy spirit with this calming, snowy visual journey through the wondrous Rocky Mountains of Canada. Get cozy and grab a cup of hot chocolate and prepare to be...

"Above the Bay" Aerial San Diego Drone Flight 4K Music Video

"Above the Bay" is a 5 minute aerial flight above San Diego's Mission Bay at sunset, paired with calming music by Travis Revell. It's the first ever flight I recorded...
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