About Nature Relaxation Producer & Owner David Huting

Meet David Huting, the Artist Behind Nature Relaxation.

Location: San Diego, California
Hometown: Waterloo, IA
Age: 35 

It all started fourteen years ago after my first overseas trip, to the islands of Fiji. The original idea behind what is now today Nature Relaxation™ was to make a video that would help me fall asleep on those the icy cold, depressing winter nights in the midwest - which received a surprising response on YouTube that inspired me to keep making more (for the rest of the story click here). 

Thanks to years of sticking to my original vision and by the grace of God, I have been quite blessed to realize my dream job: to explore the Earth's most beautiful natural destinations, capture them on camera, and share them with the world to see in the form of ultra high quality nature video. As such, it is my primary life mission to use these artistic creations to bring more natural beauty & joy into people's lives, helping spread the subtle yet important message of peace to the chaotic modern world.

Today, the Nature Relaxation exclusive film library spans more than 500 hours of original content from 27 countries, has launched a streaming nature video channel & apps on 8 platforms, and has secured partnerships with a global client network utilizing our content to help people relax in hospitals, doctors offices, schools, cancer treatment centers, hospices, prisons, airlines, cruise ships, hotels, casinos, corporate offices, funeral homes, spas, churches, & more!


I am a firm believer and seeker of a natural, holistic lifestyle and as such have found conflict in many aspects of the world we live today. My conclusion? It's the same of many great spiritual and religious leaders before us concluded: we must find peace within ourselves, before we can begin to tackle the problem of world peace.  That's why I specifically created Nature Relaxation videos: to help anyone, anywhere in the world to find peace by re-connecting them to their Source - Nature - thus providing them a means to relax. 

Relaxation sets the foundation for peace: without it, peace is impossible. Equally important in creating a state of relaxation is the immersion in and recognition of beauty, which is most evident in Nature. When paired with the right combination of imagery, nature sounds and beautiful music, it creates a harmonic environment that can open the door to self healing. 

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(Click here to read the story of how Nature Relaxation was born.) (Be warned, its long and not that exciting.)

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