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Meet Barry Kernachan, Independent Musician & Producer. 

Location: United Kingdom

Barry Kernachan is a musician and producer from Lancashire, England.

He was given a piano for his 8th birthday and hasn't looked back since. He isn't classically trained. In fact, he is self-taught and has never had a piano lesson in his life. His work is mainly improvised and composed there and then. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as he tends to pluck ideas out of thin air and sometimes wishes he had recorded his playing at times.

Barry has been working in music production for over 10 years, starting at first with electronic music, and has been signed to various record labels in this field. However he is now focusing on the piano and classical genre, and he released his first piano album Layers in 2018. Two pieces from this album have featured on Nils Frahm's Piano Day, a celebration of the piano, featuring music from successful musicians around the world.

Barry has been following Nature Relaxation Films for some time, enjoying the videos to help relax and wind down. He is delighted to have been able to collaborate with them and hopes the work will help to bring more awareness to his work and also that of Nature Relaxation Films.


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