About Russ Miller, Nature Relaxation Collaborator

Meet Russ Miller, Veteran & Nature Relaxation Collaborator.

Location: Kalispell, Montana
A former U.S. Marine and retired Air Traffic Controller who proudly served in Vietnam, Russ Miller is an avid believe in the power of nature as a modality to combat stress - specifically PTSD. He's very active in providing his fellow veterans with access to Nature Relaxation videos, and in recent years has been volunteering to help work with Gayle North to produce new guided meditation videos. In his spare time he is also passionate about nature photography, and flying - although he prefers real planes, for the time being he's flying with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. 
"I’m a former Marine of 9 years, was aircrew on KC-130, 5500 hours, 3 tours in Vietnam and 8 Air Medals. I’m also a former member of the Washington Air National Guard for 3 years. This is where I received my Air Traffic Control Training. And I spent 10 years on active duty with the U.S. Navy Reserve, as a Control Tower and Radar Chief, and a FAA Control Tower Examiner and retired from the Navy as a Chief Air Traffic Controller. While I’ve been a Commercial Pilot for years I was a “Loadmaster/Radio Operator” on KC-130’s in the Marine Corps."

Thanks to Russ's generous support over the years, we've been able to positively affect the lives of hundreds of veterans and in 2020 we plan to release several more new guided meditation videos featuring Gayle North. 
Send Russ an Email @ lm1@cyberport.net | Facebook

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