About John of Light, Nature Relaxation Collaborating Artist

Meet John Grout, AKA John of Light.

Location: Washington State

Artist Name: John of Light:

John Grout, AKA John of Light created his Naturescapes music label after a life-changing journey to Costa Rica in 1995. With his expertise as a recording studio engineer, he began recording the birds of the rainforest, jungles, lakes, oceans, waterfalls and even erupting volcanos. Being a talented musician and composer, he then created instrumental songs inspired by nature which became Naturescapes Music. Today, it has evolved into Naturescapes and Zenergy Music encompassing over 100 albums of nature, jazz, classical, native American, Celtic, relaxation & wellness, world, chill out and popular music.
A true work of love from the heart of John of Light that continues to help the world through stress relieving music and the healing sounds of nature. And now he is combining his talent and passion for filming and editing nature videos, and is launching a new nature TV cable subscription service in early 2020 called Relax TV. 

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