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"South Australian Seas" 1 HR Drone Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

The newest collaboration between David Huting and Cast Adrift Productions, "South Australian Seas" transports viewers to the remote and gorgeous southern coasts of Australia as captured from above. For one...

"Soothing Relaxation" 1HR Ultra-Dynamic Ambient Film Shot in 4K UHD

"Soothing Relaxation" is a new spectacularly beautiful 1 hour dynamic film featuring more than 200 different nature scenes from around the world paired with soothing new instrumental music. Viewers will...

"Coastal Windmills Relaxation" Australia 30 Min Aerial Film in 4K 60

"Coastal Windmills Relaxation" is a 30 minute ambient aerial relaxation film which takes viewers to 2 different beautiful South Australia Wind Farms as seen from above and captured in 4K...

"Amazing Planet Earth: Nature Relaxation Journey 4" 1.2 HR Dynamic Film in 4K

An exceptionally relaxing and wonder-filled continuation of the Nature Relaxation Journey series, Part IV gently transports viewers to some of the world's most amazing natural wonders, like Alaska's Aurora Borealis,...

"Return to Paradise" Fiji 2 HOUR Dynamic Nature Film in 4K

Escape to one of the world's most perfect idyllic tropical islands for 2 hours of total relaxation with "Return to Paradise," a new ambient nature film produced by David Huting...

"Spirit Lake Relaxation" 2.5 HR Dynamic Nature Film in 4K

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument  includes the area Spirit Lake. Relax and soak up some early summer sunshine along its vibrant shorelines with pure-nature ambient film shot in 4K UHD....

"Flying Over Norway" 1 HR DRONE Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

Relax for a full hour and let your worries be replaced by stunning aerial views from some of Norway's most beautiful & iconic locations captured in ultra high definition. It's...

"A Day in the Caribbean" Antigua 4K 3.5 HR Dynamic Nature Video

Get your Piña Colada or Corona & Lime ready..."A Day in the Caribbean" transports viewers miles away from it all, to the gorgeous tropical island of Antigua, hidden in the...

"Winter Forest Journey" 4K Dynamic 1-Hour Nature Relaxation Film

"Winter Forest Journey" is a relaxing 1 hour ambient journey to the majestic forests of the the Carpathian Mountains after a fresh white snow.  The film is a hybrid mix...

"Midnight Lighthouse" 8 HR Sleep Enhancing Screen Blackout Video 4K

"Midnight Lighthouse" is soothing nature scene of a distant lighthouse at midnight, paired with the sounds of waves crashing on a rocky shoreline. It's embedded with soft delta frequency brainwave...

"Rainbow Reef Relaxation" 3 HR Dynamic Underwater Film w/ Music HD

Rainbow Reef Relaxation is a 3-hour long, sweeping yet majestic & vibrant underwater journey to the world's most beautiful lagoons, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Peter Schneider (Underwatercam) paired...

"Above the Spanish Isles: Mallorca & Canary" 1 HR DRONE Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

The first collaboration between cinematographer Stefan Zimmerman and Nature Relaxation™ producer David Huting, "Above the Spanish Islands" sweeps viewers on an inspirational, beauty-filled 50 minute aerial voyage over the wonders...
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