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*NEW* Guided Meditation Videos

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"Just Breathe" Guided Meditation Video + Breathe Timer & Music in 4K

The first attempt at new series of professional and powerful guided meditation videos from Nature Relaxation, "Just Breathe" is a simple introductory meditation introducing the basics of meditation: focusing on...

"Rest & Relax in Paradise" Guided Meditation Video + Music in 4K

Leave your worries and deadlines behind for 35 minutes with this powerfully healing and simple yet spectacular guided deep relaxation therapy session, available in two different music versions.Narrated & written by...

"Flying Over Kauai" Hawaii 1.5 HR Aerial Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

ABOUT: "Flying Over Kauai" transports viewers on a visually breathtaking yet incredibly soothing & immersive aerial voyage over Hawaii's Garden Island. Known for its lush tropical climate and epic coastlines...

" 8 Hours of Beautiful Birds"4K UHD Dynamic Nature Video

Perfect for bird lovers and all-day relaxation, this new 8 hour long dynamic film features 8 hours of uninterrupted bird scenes from around America's Pacific Northwest, with sounds. Filmed in...

"Amazing Aurora Borealis" Alaska 72 Minute Northern Lights Video (4K)

The sequel & follow up to the hit "Northern Lights Relaxation"(https://youtu.be/T75IKSXVXlc), "Amazing Aurora Borealis" transports viewers to a dark, peaceful starry night in Alaska on a healing yet awe-inspiring 75...

"Flying Over Bermuda" 80 Min Aerial/Drone Film + Music (4K)

Relax and unwind as you soar above the vibrant turquoise-blue waters & coastlines of Bermuda for 80 minutes with "Flying Over Bermuda", the newest Nature Relaxation aerial film shot in...

"Earth From Above" 7 HOUR Aerial Drone Film + Music (4K)

Soar over many of the world's most breathtaking natural paradises for SEVEN full hours of original AppleTV-style ambient relaxation, thanks to this new extended-length drone film by Nature Relaxation™ producer...

"Ruby Beach Sunset in 4K" 1 HR Real-Time Dynamic Nature Film

Relax for a full hour as a golden, soothing sunset slowly unfolds and turns to dusk as seen from Ruby Beach, on Washington state's Olympic Peninsula. You'll be lulled into...

"The Big Sur Experience" 4 HR Dynamic Nature Film Shot in 4K (Remastered)

Remastered in 2018 with multiple new scenes & a higher quality, "The Big Sur Experience" transports viewers into the heart of California's natural crown jewel - the Big Sur Coast...

"Above the Rocky Mountains" 70 MIN Aerial Nature Film 4K

Captured completely from the air, "Above the Rocky Mountains" showcases one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges from a higher perspective, and is paired with healing music & subtle...

"South Australian Seas" 1 HR Drone Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

The newest collaboration between David Huting and Cast Adrift Productions, "South Australian Seas" transports viewers to the remote and gorgeous southern coasts of Australia as captured from above. For one...

"Soothing Relaxation" 1HR Ultra-Dynamic Ambient Film Shot in 4K UHD

"Soothing Relaxation" is a new spectacularly beautiful 1 hour dynamic film featuring more than 200 different nature scenes from around the world paired with soothing new instrumental music. Viewers will...
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