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"Peaceful Mountain Snow (Remastered)" 1 HR Dynamic Nature Film in HD

This new version of the classic film "Peaceful Mountain Snow" is a 1 hour dynamic nature film shot in the gorgeous mountains of Banff National Park, in Alberta Canada. Shortly...

"South America Journey" 30 MIN Dynamic Nature Video w Music 4K

"South America Journey" transports viewers on a 30 minute ultra-dynamic, uplifting yet relaxing journey through the natural wonders and other-worldly vistas of South America's Chile, Argentina & Bolivia - paired...

"Soaring Over Maui" 1.3 HR Aerial Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

"Soaring Over Maui" pilots viewers on a relaxing yet uplifting 80-minute aerial journey over the tropical Hawaiian island of Maui in real-time. Filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition, it offers...

"Sunset Over Mission Bay" 8 Min 4K Aerial Nature Video w/ Music

Relax and enjoy the amazing sights of a golden coastal sunset as seen over San Diego's Mission Bay / Beach  on my new DJI Inspire2 X5S drone.  Beginning just before...

"Summer in Yellowstone" 1.25HR Dynamic 4K Ambient Nature Film w Music

Enjoy some of the iconic and vibrant views of America's famous Yellowstone National Park with this 1 hour and 15 minute dynamic Nature Relaxation™ video featuring footage captured in 4K...

"Waterfall Paradise: Plitvice Lakes, Croatia" Dynamic 1HR Nature Film

Relax for a full hour next to one of the world's most magical waterfall paradises: those of Piltivice, Croatia.  In it  you will be immersed in a beautiful array of...

"Restful Rain in New Zealand" 1 HR Dynamic 4K Ambient Nature Film

"Restful Rain in New Zealand" transports viewers on a multi-sensory immersion into the world famous Milford Sound during a cool, gentle summer rain.  Filmed in 4K ultra high definition video...

"America From Above" 1 HR Aerial Drone Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

Part one of a new series of ambient drone films for relaxation, "America From Above" is a spectacular yet ultra-soothing 1-hour long natural journey that sweeps viewers gently above America's...

"Colorful Coastal Journey" 18 MIN Dynamic Walk & Flight in 4K

Captured in May 2017 while driving California's scenic Highway 1 just north of Big Sur, this visual journey in Garrapota State lasts 18 minutes and allows viewers to enjoy all the...

"A Day in Mount Rainier" Part I 2.5 HR Dynamic Nature Film in 4K

"A Day in Mount Rainier" transports viewers to the mountain meadows and high mountain vistas of Washington's most iconic landmark. Filmed in Ultra High Definition and featuring nothing but pure...

"Milford Sound Ambient Rain" 30 MIN Dynamic Nature Video 4K

Deep within Fiordland National Park lies New Zealand’s most stunning natural attraction: Milford Sound. Almost always shrouded in a veil of mist, rain, and fog, Milford's beauty often eludes cameras...

"Iguazu Falls Relaxation" 4K Dynamic 1-Hour Nature Relaxation Film

"Iguazú Falls Relaxation" sweeps viewers into the raging yet remarkably beautiful & world famous waterfall paradise of Iguazú, found on the border of Brazil and Argentina. While primarily filmed on...
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