Art With Purpose: What Makes Nature Relaxation More Than Entertainment

Art With Purpose: What Makes Nature Relaxation More Than Entertainment

David Huting


It is my belief that we have already reached an enlightened age for humanity, as technology has allowed new forms of Art to emerge carrying the power to transform & enhance the lives of millions. 
Technology was supposed to bring about an age of relaxed living, but why is everyone more stressed, with disease rates higher than ever before? As technology has advanced, we traded our regular connection to Nature for convenience, yet the conundrum is that we can in fact use the devices made for convenience to reconnect to Nature.  

It all started ten years ago after my first overseas trip, to the islands of Fiji . The original idea behind what is now today Nature Relaxation™ was to make a video that would help me fall asleep on those the icy cold, depressing winter nights in the midwest - which received a surprising response on YouTube that inspired me to keep making more (for the rest of the story click here). Today, Nature Relaxation's™ library spans more than 200 hours of original content from 15 countries, has launched a streaming nature video channel on 7 platforms with a global client network using Nature Relaxation videos to help millions of people relax and heal naturally in hospitals & doctors offices, schools, cancer treatment centers, hospices, prisons, airlines & cruise ships, offices, funeral homes, spas, churches, and more!
Through the use of artfully framed nature scenes and gracefully slow transitions, Nature Relaxation™ videos are designed to gently guide viewers from one immersive, calming scene to the next without forcing them to "wake up" from their state of zen. But it's not just the style of transition that separates Nature Relaxation videos: in fact, that is only the beginning. I generally avoid scenes which contain any elements of our modern civilization - something that is getting harder and harder to do these days; in fact,  I've gone so far as to live on a tiny island in Fiji for 3 months to get the perfect idyllic shots! Equally important to me is framing up angles of video that do not have any people in them - which aids the viewer in entering a state of complete relaxation. And I shoot with impulsivity and spontaneity: I don't like to plan my shoot, rather I just get out there and explore and capture what Nature creates without any expectations.

Considering that the majority of the world's most beautiful places are also the most tourist-packed, getting those idyllic shots can present a challenge. In the quest of ever-seeking the most perfectly framed angle of video (I've never been one to settle for the view from the tourist path or lookout), I've found myself free climbing up challenging mountain-tops, nearly falling to my death into waterfalls, ticketed for trespassing, and even threatened to be shot at...all in the name of relaxation!  At the end of the day, most filmmakers do not make the extra effort, which is indeed understandable as sometimes treks can be extremely mentally and physically demanding. Energized by the loving support and awesome reviews from my viewers and inspiration from the Divine, I'm able to press on where others might not. 


One of the biggest things that has influenced the style of Nature Relaxation™ videos over the years has been my direct connection with clients using them for therapeutic use in the healthcare industry. Being approached over 7 years ago by countless clients that settled on my videos as "the best I could find out there" led to relationships with a wonderful feedback loop that was coming directly from patients and care practitioners in the field, using the videos.  This valuable patient feedback loop has gradually evolved the production style, which continues to evolve to this day and is evident in the new releases


I am a firm believer and seeker of a natural, holistic lifestyle and as such have found conflict in many aspects of the world we live today. My conclusion? It's the same of many great spiritual and religious leaders before us concluded: we must find peace within ourselves, before we can begin to tackle the problem of world peace.  That's why I specifically created Nature Relaxation videos: to help anyone, anywhere in the world to find peace by re-connecting them to their Source - Nature - thus providing them a means to relax. Relaxation sets the foundation for peace: without it, peace is impossible. Equally important in creating a state of relaxation is the immersion in and recognition of beauty, which in Nature, represents Harmony. Therefore, I attempt to infuse every creation I make with all three- this even comes down to all the little details such as images, fonts, descriptions, and the big one: sound.


“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment”
Pythagoras (569- 475 BC)

Pythagoras - one of my sources of inspiration - brought the western world the principles of Mathematics and Harmony in Nature, and was renowned as a healer using music as his medium. His principles and teachings have lived on in the great minds of artists like Beethoven, Tesla, Einstein, Plato,  and many modern musicians & scientists. While the studies may only just now be confirming what Pythagoras knew for thousands of years, I firmly believe in the power of sound and the importance of harmony in creating a state of healing! In light of these principles of harmony in sound, the artists I work with all record their music in frequencies that are harmonic in scale (example video).


My life's mission with Nature Relaxation is focused upon helping others around the world relax and eliminate stress from their daily lives by re-connecting them with Nature. My war is waged upon stress- with priority number one being replacing the stressful & hateful programming from our daily environments with more Nature. With a successful understanding and research into just how Nature can heal, I know we can usher in a peaceful revolution - the day when we as a global community choose to turn off the cable TV junk programming and tune into Nature, which will begin our glorious return to living in a peaceful, Nature-infused society bathed in the wisdom of Love and Light. 

Stay Relaxed my friends,

david f. huting

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