Help Me Plant a Million Trees Every Year!

Help Me Plant a Million Trees Every Year!

David Huting

To enjoy Nature is a gift that we sometimes lose sight of, in our modern age of materialism and capitalism.  That is why equally as important as producing the highest quality relaxation videos (click here to read the blog on what separates Nature Relaxation from "other" nature video producers), is giving back to Nature. That's why with your help and the help of fellow Nature lovers around the world, I want to plant a million trees every year!  

With One Tree Planted Per Subscriber Per Month, that's only 83,000 subscribers needed to reach a point where one million trees are planted every year! Considering there's more than 7 billion of us here on this earth, and that a good majority has access to technology like phones, tablets, TVs and computers, the realization of reaching this figure is something that we can attain together in only a short time!  Want to help? Subscribe to Nature Relaxation On-Demand today and gain access to hundreds of hours of pure nature all while helping give back! 

Give Back to Nature and Add More of It To Your World 

Announcing the Forest Nation Earth Day Pledge from Nature Relaxation On-Demand

Nature provides us all with an infinite amount of joy - so in an effort to give back and keep Her beautiful, Nature Relaxation producer David Huting has committed to plant one tree every month for every subscriber of Nature Relaxation On-Demand, the exciting new Nature-TV subscription service and apps for iOS, Android, Roku & AppleTV! For either $9.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly, you get access to David Huting's complete lifetime collection of Nature Relaxation videos without ads or watermarks and exclusive subsriber-only content.

Learn More About On-Demand / Try Free 

Don't want to subscribe monthly? Purchase your favorite videos as digital downloads or DVDs - one tree planted for every order over $25! Browse the video collection now!


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