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A proven expert and innovative leader in the field of 4K high-definition video & image creation, David Huting has carved a career out of following his passion. Self-taught and self-made, he’s built a reputation out of capturing the essence and beauty of epic and inspiring places, people, and ideas on camera. His productions have inspired millions, and prove to be a continual source of relaxation, joy, and rejuvenation for many worldwide.

With a style for vibrant, bright and big time shots, Huting explores the far reaches of the globe, on a mission to capture the true beauty and essence of some of the world's most remote, iconic, and exotic locations. Through his digital creations he seeks to not only share the beauty - and healing powers - of these places, but also preserve them in digital form for generations to come.  His continually expanding image portfolio spans thousands of images and videos from throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the South Pacific.  

A spiritual wisdom-seeker and advocate for nature, peace, & harmony, Huting's work is a breath of inspiration and healing energy for those looking to find solace from the insane world we currently live in.

A culmination of several years of experience in digital video and image editing, Huting created  to offer high quality, fresh visual downloads at a reasonable price for those looking to add inspiration from Nature to their lives, in the form of jaw-dropping, stunning video downloads designed for any TV, computer, or digital device.

With several years of customer service experience, and more 5-star reviews than you probably care to review you can count on receiving nothing but professional, fast, and friendly support on your purchase(s).

David Huting’s  nature videos continue to help millions of people around the world relax and find peace through re-connecting to nature, and are currently being utilized in many high level applications, including high-tech cancer research and treatment centers, brainwave training programs, PTSD treatment research, and much more. View more of David Huting's work and his available creative services at SunMedia.Agency


Artist Statement:


I am a firm believer that the reason we are all here on this earth is to create, in the spirit of our creator.  After all, that is what we all are made of: Light; energy; creation.  With that in mind, I attempt to use my camera to transfer the inspiration I feel when immersed in natural beauty to you, directly through my visual creations.  They were captured & edited in the spirit of love, joy, and harmony...something I hope is evident when watching the videos.  I understand the healing powers  involved with nature and take immense satisfaction knowing I am helping spread this message to the world:

"Relax.  Smile.  Enjoy the little details. Listen to Nature's message."

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David F. Huting 

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