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"First and foremost, I want to make it clear that our Creator is the True Artist; I am merely acting as His lens through which you can enjoy the splendors and attune to the message of Nature, which is one of light, beauty, harmony, and peace. By only focusing on that which is beautiful, I seek to capture and dwell only in the Light, and my hope is that it shines through to my work, allowing anyone who watches a Nature Relaxation video to do the same."
-david huting


David Huting is a San Diego-based self-taught expert photographer and video producer who's carved a career out of showcasing the world's most beautiful locations by capturing their essence on camera.  With a style for creating big, bright, and vibrant visual content in the highest of resolution, Huting's spent the good majority of the last decade exploring and filming many of the planet's most remote, iconic, and exotic locations. Through his digital creations he seeks to not only share the beauty - and healing powers - of these places, but also to preserve them in digital form for generations to come.  Because the camera he shoots with captures both images and HD video, Huting decided long ago he'd attempt to master both mediums instead of just one.  Behold his creations: EpicWallArt.com and NatureRelaxation.com.
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An advocate for global peace, his videos have been viewed more than 12 million times on YouTube and are utilized in thousands of hospitals, nursing homes, treatment centers, addiction recovery centers, and much more around the world.  But he's only getting started: by end of 2015, Huting will be among the first to be producing 360º view nature relaxation videos designed for complete virtual immersion in nature using VR goggles, and currently he is shooting world class 4K with the Canon 1-DC.

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