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A seasoned world-traveling cinematographer and inspired advocate of the Back to Nature movement, David Huting has made it his life’s mission to use his artistic creations to bring more natural beauty & joy into people's lives, helping spread the subtle yet important message of peace (relaxation) to the chaotic world we live in today. 

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David Huting is a San Diego-based, world-traveling expert photographer and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in digital content production. He's carved a career out of capturing the essence of beautiful natural locations on camera, in the form of high definition cinematic video.  Always in search of the perfect shot, Huting's spent the good majority of the last decade exploring and filming many of the planet's most remote, iconic, and exotic locations, with regular releases of new work.

Through his digital creations he seeks to not only share the beauty - and healing powers - of these places, but also to preserve them in digital form for generations to come. Because the Canon cameras he works with shoot both video and images, Huting decided long ago that instead of sticking to one, he'd attempt to master both mediums, and in 2013 founded two new niche art brands: Nature Relaxation™ offering his signature nature videos in an array of formats, and  Epic Wall Art™, which offers custom-made, high style canvas wall art in epic sizes.

Sharing Nature's beauty and her subtle yet important message of peace to the world, his Nature Relaxation™ videos are watched over 30 million minutes per month on youtube and are utilized in leading hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, as well as thousands of nursing homes, vet centers, dialysis & dentist clinics, addiction recovery centers, and more. 




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(Click here to read the story of how Nature Relaxation was born.) (Be warned, its long.)

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"Amazing Africa" Zimbabwe 4 Hour Dynamic Nature Wildlife Video 4K

Relax and enjoy the pristine natural sights and sounds of Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park for 4 full hours of amazing wildlife viewing in ultra high definition. Viewers will see...

"Amazing Aurora Borealis" Alaska 72 Minute Northern Lights Video (4K)

The sequel & follow up to the hit "Northern Lights Relaxation"(https://youtu.be/T75IKSXVXlc), "Amazing Aurora Borealis" transports viewers to a dark, peaceful starry night in Alaska on a healing yet awe-inspiring 75...

"America's Beautiful West" 6 MIN Short Inspirational Music Video HD

Relax, rejuvenate, & stimulate your senses on a visual journey across America's beautiful West, all synchronized to a wonderfully uplifting, spiritual track by Darshan Ambient. This video was created to...

"America's Beautiful West" HD Nature Relaxation Video 1 Hour 1080p

Prepare your senses for the ultimate visual journey through the heart of America's West. Transport yourself to the sights and nature sounds of serene and majestic locations such as Havasupai...

"Andean Mountain Wildlife: Vicuña Family" 25 MIN Dynamic Music Video 4K

This 25 minute instrumental cinematic video documentary tells a beautiful story of new life in the ruggedly beautiful high elevation desert mountains of Chile's San Pedro Atacama.  Filmed aside a sparkling...

"Autumn Aspen Valley Relaxation" 10 MIN Music + Nature Video 4K

Spend 10 minutes fully immersed in a spectacular autumn aspen forest hidden in a pristine wilderness area known as Paradise Valley, in Kings Canyon, California, featuring soothing ambient music by...

"Autumn Forest Relaxation" 1 HR Dynamic Nature Video 1080p

Relax and embark on an incredibly soothing journey through the golden aspen forests of Arizona, on a blustery fall day. Begin your journey immersed in the peaceful meadow, and enjoy...

"Autumn Mountain Stream" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Transform your 4K or 1080p HD screen into a window to a hidden mountain paradise known as Kings Canyon, found near Sequoia National Park, California. It's perfect as an ambient...

"Best of Nature Relaxation: 2018" 10 HOUR Drone Video + Music 4K

A magical ten hour long compilation of signature Nature Relaxation videos published in 2018 paired with graciously flowing transitions and a seamless music score  that lasts for a full ten hours...

"Beyond Blue" Mexico Reef 1 Hour 4K Nature Relaxation Video

Filmed on the exotic tropical island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico (just west of Cancun), "Beyond Blue" transports viewers to the breathtaking azure blue vistas found at the Garafon Natural Reef...

"Blue Horizons" 1 HR 4K Nature Relaxation Color Therapy Video

Part 1 of a new series of Color Therapy videos designed for healing use in treatment against dis-ease, "Blue Horizons" features a diverse set of strikingly blue nature video scenes...

"Blue Lagoon Boat + Beach" 1 HR Static 4K Nature Video

Arguably one of the most relaxing scenes one can imagine, this 1-hour long static nature scene filmed from a remote island on the northern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is...
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