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A seasoned world-traveling cinematographer and inspired advocate of the Back to Nature movement, David Huting has made it his life’s mission to use his artistic creations to bring more natural beauty & joy into people's lives, helping spread the subtle yet important message of peace (relaxation) to the chaotic world we live in today. 

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David Huting is a San Diego-based, world-traveling expert photographer and cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in digital content production. He's carved a career out of capturing the essence of beautiful natural locations on camera, in the form of high definition cinematic video.  Always in search of the perfect shot, Huting's spent the good majority of the last decade exploring and filming many of the planet's most remote, iconic, and exotic locations, with regular releases of new work.

Through his digital creations he seeks to not only share the beauty - and healing powers - of these places, but also to preserve them in digital form for generations to come. Because the Canon cameras he works with shoot both video and images, Huting decided long ago that instead of sticking to one, he'd attempt to master both mediums, and in 2013 founded two new niche art brands: Nature Relaxation™ offering his signature nature videos in an array of formats, and  Epic Wall Art™, which offers custom-made, high style canvas wall art in epic sizes.

Sharing Nature's beauty and her subtle yet important message of peace to the world, his Nature Relaxation™ videos are watched over 30 million minutes per month on youtube and are utilized in leading hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, as well as thousands of nursing homes, vet centers, dialysis & dentist clinics, addiction recovery centers, and more. 




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(Click here to read the story of how Nature Relaxation was born.) (Be warned, its long.)

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"Zen River" 1 Hour Static Nature Video / Screensaver 4K

Transform any digital screen into a zen-inducing, crystal clear forest canyon river with this fixed-angle ultra high definition Nature Relaxation video by David Huting. Filmed in King's Canyon national park,...

"Zion's Virgin River Flowing" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Transform any digital screen into a refreshing, relaxing window to the cool clear sacred waters of Zion National Park's Virgin River. Clear-blue water flows atop red rocks with distant tree...

Create Your Own Nature Relaxation Video Package - Buy in Build and Save $$

Do you love Nature Relaxation videos and want to own a small collection of your own, but do not want to buy them all individually?  Great news!  Now you can...

Get your Nature Relaxation Videos Shipped to You on an SD Memory Card

Do you want to download Nature Relaxation but don't have the internet speed or accessibility to download the large HD video file sizes? Great news!  Nature Relaxation is now offering SD cards to be...

The Annual Nature Relaxation Video Plan for Individuals & Families

Invest in Your Health & Happiness All Year Long by Transforming Your TVs into a Window to Paradise INCLUDED WITH EVERY PLAN: 5 Star, 1-on-1 Support from David Huting (Assistance...

The Iconic Collection Eight 1-Hour HD Nature Relaxation Videos Bundle

This spectacular 8-hour series contains all of David Huting's favorite HD Nature Relaxation videos.  By purchasing the entire set, you instantly own a diverse set of healing and inspiring Nature Relaxation...
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