Earn a Free $50 Gift Card for Sharing Your Video Testimonial! (or Pictures)

Earn a Free $50 Gift Card for Sharing Your Video Testimonial! (or Pictures)

David Huting

Now for a limited time, submit a video testimonial about your experience with Nature Relaxation (or pictures of how, where or why you watch them) and you can earn a $50 VISA gift card if we share it on our social media!

Here's How to Earn it:

1) Record a video (or snap some photos) on your phone or computer and share why you love Nature Relaxation videos.

You can describe how you use them, how they make you feel, or share any stories of personal transformation.

2) Email the video to use at help@naturerelaxation.com or upload it to social media and tag us there!

Our handle on Facebook and Instagram is @NatureRelaxation; on Twitter it's NRelaxation.

3) That's it! If we feature your video on social media, we will respond with a $50 E-gift card.

Alternatively, you can decide between a $150 NatureRelaxation.com credit.


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Additional Terms and Conditions
By uploading you give us the right to repost on our social media channels; only entries that are able to be re-posted are eligible for the offer.
All submissions that were submitted but not used will still be eligible for a $25 gift card to NatureRelaxation.com. 

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