Press Release: New Partnership with Outcome Health & Nature Relaxation

Press Release: New Partnership with Outcome Health & Nature Relaxation

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Leader in point of care technology reimagines content offering for a curated and customized content experience across its nationwide platform

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CHICAGO – APRIL 10, 2019 – Outcome Health, a healthcare innovation company focused on making the point of care experience more meaningful for patients and physicians, today announced a new content strategy across its nationwide platform. Focused on empathy and education, the new approach to content development aligns with Outcome Health’s commitment to supporting the patient-physician relationship at the point of care by showcasing contextually relevant content and direct-to-consumer messaging in waiting rooms, exam rooms and infusion centers.

“We want Outcome Health to stand for ‘empathy,’” said Matt McNally, Chief Executive Officer, Outcome Health. “During an age when our heads are down looking at our phones, empathetic content is lacking, yet it’s what every person deserves, especially at the point of care. We want our content to be powerful, educational and relevant enough so that people look up.”

Outcome Health partnered with a third-party content agency to extensively audit its content library, scoring each piece for quality of information, production and brand alignment. Additionally, Outcome Health commissioned a survey of patients, physicians and nurses to better understand their content needs at this critical communications touchpoint.

These findings will influence the framework of Outcome Health’s content ecosystem, where all content will now fall within one or more of the following categories:

  •    Condition Specific: expert health content from nationally recognized sources;
  •    Healthy Living: lifestyle and wellness information;
  •    Provider Personalized: customized for the healthcare provider;
  •    Patient Power: original stories and insights from real patients;
  •    Mindfulness: meditation and relaxation content;
  •    Soulful Soar: soul-stirring nature photography;
  •    Optimistic Outcome: welcoming quizzes and explainers about health and healthy living; and
  •    Sponsored Content: from Outcome Health’s industry partners.

Outcome Health is working in partnership with a short list of high-quality content creators from clinical to lifestyle and mind-body connection that align with the company’s new empathetic content strategy. The company most recently entered into partnerships with Curiosity, Nature Relaxation and Headspace.

“The healthcare community has recommended Headspace to their patients to help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with the management of various chronic conditions for years and we’re humbled by the stories we hear from patients nearly every day about the positive impact Headspace has had on their lives,” said Dr. Megan Jones Bell, Chief Science Officer, Headspace. “By combining our evidence-backed content with Outcome Health’s network, we are honored to make Headspace readily available to those who need it most, when they need it most.”

The content will interplay across Outcome Health’s suite of devices at the point of care and will be tailored by specialty and to the different stages of the patient visit.

“Outcome Health’s digital platform exists at the most vulnerable touchpoints of the patient journey, and audiences here are thirsty for information and inspiration,” said Heidi Anderson, Chief Growth Officer, Outcome Health. “Through partnerships with high quality publishers and curated original content, we are developing an experience that informs, inspires, entertains and renews to enhance a patient’s connection with their doctor, from the first to the last moment of their visit.”

Outcome Health plans to measure the success of this content overhaul by bi-annually surveying patients and providers. These insights will be used to quantify the perceived trust in a brand and its content, and improve the resources offered for waiting and exam room experiences.


About Outcome Health
Outcome Health is a healthcare innovation company reinventing the point of care to facilitate better outcomes for patients, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals. Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, health advocacy groups, leading content creators and brand sponsors, Outcome Health makes critical moments more impactful by bringing relevant content into the physician’s office, where health is top of mind. Our BPA-certified digital network spans waiting, exam and infusion rooms across the country, serving impactful content when it’s most needed.

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