Strange "UFO" Spotted in Nature Relaxation Video "A Day in Paradise"

David Huting
Sometimes things are just so strange that you just have to see them to believe them!  Such is the case with a very peculiar occurrence of an extremely fast-moving, unidentified flying object which appears right smack in the middle of the Nature Relaxation video "A Day in Paradise"!  

After being informed of this, I promptly took the raw video and created a zoomed in and slowed-down version, so that we could all take a closer look at just what in the heck this might be!  Take a look below, and please add your comments on YouTube!:

Thanks to youtube user LindiMoo, I was just notified of a very peculiar occurence of a fast-moving flying object that appeared on my video "A Day in Paradise" [ @ 3:16:35]. Considering the island I was on is miles from anything, and considering the fact that the object appears IN FRONT of the clouds, it really does leave me wondering just what the heck it is - any help?? Shooting star? Or UFO? You decide.

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