No More Watermarks on Nature Relaxation Videos:)

Thanks to your feedback, Nature Relaxation videos will no longer contain the permanent small watermarks!

At Nature Relaxation, my goal has always been to provide the highest quality relaxation experience featuring the most beautiful nature videos you can find anywhere.  But in order to provide the best possible experience, your feedback is very important to me!

Which is why, after receiving input from many of you, I have decided to remove the permanent watermarks from all of my videos - so that you can be completely relaxed and not distracted by our logo.

Special Offer For All Past Customers:
If you would like to request a version of any videos you have purchased in the past without any watermarks, please simply REPLY to this email and let me know which videos you have purchased in the past that you would like to receive watermark-free versions for.  I will then verify your order, and promptly send you the new version!  (Note that some videos are still being updated and uploaded so in come cases it may take up to several days, but rest assured I will get the new version over to you if you request it!).

In Peace,

David F. Huting