Virtual Reality / 360º Videos Support Announcement

Nature Relaxation VR 360

The swift rise of consumer virtual reality combined with recent advances in 360° and 3D immersive video presents us with an opportunity to experience the world in a new way. With an increasing ability to re-create our sensory experiences in digital form, VR has the potential to rapidly and powerfully shift human consciousness toward new horizons. Which is why the Nature Relation™ team is proud to announce plans to enter the Virtual Reality space with a new line of videos designed for 360º immersion with VR goggles.

Thanks to a new partnership with EcoVR - a VR production firm out of Melbourne with over two years of experience - viewers can expect Nature Relaxation VR films to be of the highest quality available on the market. Nature Relaxation VR aspires to be the leader in VR/360º nature videos, with plans to begin releasing content by end of 2016 with a VR app live by mid 2017.

On top of launching Nature Relaxation VR, our team offers affordable end-to-end 360° video productions services and content licensing for non-profit organizations with a psychological, social or ethical purpose. To stay posted, subscribe to our mailing list and if you are interested in partnering, please send a message using the form below!