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Based out of South Africa, Yellow Brick Cinema strives to produce the best in Relaxation, Meditation, Spa Massage, Sleep, Study and Reiki Zen music, and is one of the most popular channels for spa/relaxation music on YouTube

Yellow Brick Cinema uses binaural beats to help listeners achieve the perfect state of consciousness: Whether you want a peaceful night's sleep, a productive study session, or a relaxing meditation, their spa quality instrumental scores will keep you ultra relaxed while you watch Nature Relaxation. 

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"Rainbow Reef Relaxation" 1, 3 or 11 HR Dynamic Underwater Film + Music

Rainbow Reef Relaxation is a 3 or 11-hour long, sweeping yet majestic & vibrant underwater journey to the world's most beautiful lagoons, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Peter Schneider...

"Midnight Lighthouse" 8 HR Sleep Enhancing Screen Blackout Video 4K

"Midnight Lighthouse" is soothing nature scene of a distant lighthouse at midnight, paired with the sounds of waves crashing on a rocky shoreline. It's embedded with soft delta frequency brainwave...

"Amazing Aurora Borealis" Alaska 72 Minute Northern Lights Video (4K)

The sequel & follow up to the hit "Northern Lights Relaxation"(https://youtu.be/T75IKSXVXlc), "Amazing Aurora Borealis" transports viewers to a dark, peaceful starry night in Alaska on a healing yet awe-inspiring 75...

"The Sacred Southwest in Winter" 2 HR Dynamic Drone Video + Music 4K

Prepare your senses for the ultimate Nature Relaxation™ travel experience as you soar over some of the Southwest USA's most timeless and iconic locations in the wintertime. Beginning in California's...
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