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 What is a "Still" or "Fixed" nature scene?
A looping nature scene is a simple, yet beautiful still scene in which the camera is fixed in a single angle.  This means that for the duration of the video, the camera angle does not change - rather, it stays in one place.

Why do you offer different lengths on some videos?

Some videos are able to be seamlessly looped to play extended lengths for certain applications. While most players support the REPEAT ONE function, sometimes this is not available and sometimes the "glitch" between loops can be a disturbance to some viewers.

Is it a real video? Is it looped (repeated)?

Some videos are looped professionally so that it's impossible to detect when the scene repeats, and some videos (and most of the newer additions) are shot in real-time and are not looped.

Why Would I want a "Still" scene as opposed to one that changes scenes?

The purpose is simple - to allow you to transform any digital screen into an extended source of tranquility and relaxation.  Since they are all at least 1 hour and can be looped endlessly, they are great to turn on while reading, meditating, working, sleeping, or as an ambiance while entertaining guests.  Let's be honest: TV is terrible.  We all have these amazing, fancy TVs but the only way to get any use out of them seems to be a constant barrage of commercials, advertisements, and terrible television shows.  Looping Nature Videos allow you to take advantage of the wonderful technology available in high resolution TV screens and harness the healing powers of natural locations.  

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