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 What is a "Still" or "Fixed" nature scene?
A looping nature scene is a simple, yet beautiful still scene in which the camera is fixed in a single angle.  This means that for the duration of the video, the camera angle does not change - rather, it stays in one place.

Why do you offer different lengths on some videos?

Some videos are able to be seamlessly looped to play extended lengths for certain applications. While most players support the REPEAT ONE function, sometimes this is not available and sometimes the "glitch" between loops can be a disturbance to some viewers.

Is it a real video? Is it looped (repeated)?

Some videos are looped professionally so that it's impossible to detect when the scene repeats, and some videos (and most of the newer additions) are shot in real-time and are not looped.

Why Would I want a "Still" scene as opposed to one that changes scenes?

The purpose is simple - to allow you to transform any digital screen into an extended source of tranquility and relaxation.  Since they are all at least 1 hour and can be looped endlessly, they are great to turn on while reading, meditating, working, sleeping, or as an ambiance while entertaining guests.  Let's be honest: TV is terrible.  We all have these amazing, fancy TVs but the only way to get any use out of them seems to be a constant barrage of commercials, advertisements, and terrible television shows.  Looping Nature Videos allow you to take advantage of the wonderful technology available in high resolution TV screens and harness the healing powers of natural locations.  

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"Autumn Mountain Stream" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Transform your 4K or 1080p HD screen into a window to a hidden mountain paradise known as Kings Canyon, found near Sequoia National Park, California. It's perfect as an ambient...

"Bixby Bridge Overlook" 1 HR Static Nature Scene HD 1080p

Turn any screen into an immensely relaxing window to the California Coast with this iconic blue-water coastal scene of Bixby Bridge.  The sound of waves crashing and wind blowing from...

"Blue Lagoon Boat + Beach" 1 HR Static 4K Nature Video

Arguably one of the most relaxing scenes one can imagine, this 1-hour long static nature scene filmed from a remote island on the northern tip of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is...

"Blue Water, White Sand" Looping Nature Relaxation Screensaver HD

Turn any TV or computer screen into a virtual window / nature video background showcasing one of the most relaxing sights there is: perfect blue water, white sand, waves, birds chirping,...

"Cabo Waves Crashing" 1 Hour Still 4K Nature Relaxation Video

Relax and let the rugged yet relaxing sounds of powerful waves breaking on a secluded white-sandy beach in Cabo San Lucas add a sense of calm to your environment with...

"Calming Lagoon Shore" 1 Hour 4K Static Caribbean Video

Transform any TV or digital screen into a tranquil tropical window to the Caribbean islands with this colorful and extremely relaxing static 1-hour scene from Antigua. A perfect seashell sits...

"Cannon Beach Sunset Waves" 1 HR Static Nature Scene 1080p HD

Turn any TV screen or digital device into an ultra-relaxing window to this sunset scene captured from Oregon's iconic Cannon Beach.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands of birds soar above the giant...

"Caribbean Lagoon Beach" 1 Hour 4K Static Nature Video

For one full hour, you'll enjoy the immensely relaxing sights of white sand, blue waves, and puffy white clouds passing with this perfect idyllic beach scene captured on the Caribbean...

"Christmas Fireplace" 38 Min Music Video HD 1080p

Get yourself in the Christmas spirit this holidays with this calming video of a crackling fireplace with some relaxing instrumental Christmas music! Good to turn on in the background while...

"Coastal Paragliders at Sunset" 1 HR Real-Time Static Scene 4K

 Filmed in real time ultra high definition, this static scenes features a spectacular ocean vista with distant beach-dwellers walking & swimming, a slowly setting sky, and occaisional overpassing paragliders launching...

"Coastal Wildflowers" 1 HR Static (Fixed Angle) 4K Nature Video

Transform any digital screen or TV into a vibrant window to California's beautiful central coast of Big Sur with this 1-hour long fixed angle Nature Relaxation video filmed in 4K...

"Coronado Beach Sunset + Moonrise"1 HR 4K Nature Relaxation Video

Relax for a full hour of real-time sunset footage as you are immersed in the rising tide, overlooking Point Loma and the gorgeous Coronado Beach.  At the 45 minute point,...
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