Browse the collection of Nature Relaxation videos that feature a static (single, fixed angle) scene - perfect for creating a "digital window" effect or as a moving screensaver!

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"Cannon Beach Sunset Waves" 1 HR Static Nature Scene 1080p HD

Turn any TV screen or digital device into an ultra-relaxing window to this sunset scene captured from Oregon's iconic Cannon Beach.  Hundreds, perhaps thousands of birds soar above the giant...

"Blue Water, White Sand" Looping Nature Relaxation Screensaver HD

Turn any TV or computer screen into a virtual window / nature video background showcasing one of the most relaxing sights there is: perfect blue water, white sand, waves, birds chirping,...

"Bixby Bridge Overlook" 1 HR Static Nature Scene HD 1080p

Turn any screen into an immensely relaxing window to the California Coast with this iconic blue-water coastal scene of Bixby Bridge.  The sound of waves crashing and wind blowing from...

"McWay Falls in 4K" Big Sur 1 HR Static Nature Scene + Sounds

Enjoy the unreal beauty from one of Mother Nature's most spectacular creations on this earth: McWay Cove, in Big Sur. Tropical blue water, white sand, an always-flowing waterfall, palm &...

"Magical Mcway Cove" Looping 4K Nature Relaxation Video from Big Sur, California

Enjoy the wondrous sights & sounds of my favorite view in the world - Big Sur - in full 4K glory.  Filmed on one of the most expensive and highest...

"The Still Collection" 24 Scenes Bundle, 24+ HOURS of Fixed Nature Scene Videos

Add a beautiful bundle of high definition still nature video scenes to your collection today and save big at the same time doing it with the STILL Series 24+ video set. Decide...
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