The number one source for high quality nature videos designed for therapeutic use is, created by expert filmmaker and passionate nature enthusiast David Huting. Nature Relaxation™ videos sweep audiences on alleviating, awe-inspiring majestic journeys to the world’s most breathtaking places in 4K and HD, with stereo Nature sounds with or without soothing music.

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Designed for all devices and settings, Nature Relaxation videos are available as instant digital downloads in 4K and HD, on Blu-Ray or DVD, and via the Nature Relaxation On-Demand service with convenient apps for phones/tablets, computers and TVs.


Daily life in our modern world can be mentally draining and downright exhausting: important decision making, constant deadlines, and endless daily distractions causes our stress levels to rise-that's life. But if not diffused regularly, this stress can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health and well-being. 

Research has now proven that long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the spike in stress hormones like cortisol which result- places you at increased risk for multiple serious long term health problems and diseases, including but not limited to:  Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Digestive problems, Chronic Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep disorders, social anxiety, weight gain, and concentration impairment.

As we all know, simply looking at a beautiful Nature scene helps quiet our busy mind, and therefore reduces stress. (Try looking at the video above for a few minutes and see for yourself.) Simply s
urrounding ourselves with Nature automatically nourishes our brains just as food & water nourishes our bodies. Hundreds of studies have proven just having a view of Nature in our environment allows our brain to work less than it has to in a non-natural setting such as a cubicle or office.

Fortunately, those without easy access or time for real Nature can still enjoy the brain-boosting benefits Nature provides daily thanks to Nature Relaxation™ videos by celebrated nature film maker David Huting. Whether for your home, office, or for display in your patient care facility, business, or organization, Nature Relaxation makes relaxation fun and easy, and when used in addition to time in real Nature, can lead to a more healthy, happy, and relaxed lifestyle regardless of how high-stressful your daily life is.

Ready to start combatting the harmful effects of stress daily with more Nature and Relaxation? 

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"Above the Bay" Aerial San Diego Drone Flight 4K Music Video

"Above the Bay" is a 5 minute aerial flight above San Diego's Mission Bay at sunset, paired with calming music by Travis Revell. It's the first ever flight I recorded...

"Timeless" Aerial Big Sur Drone Flight 4K Music Video

"Timeless" is a short aerial Nature Relaxation journey above one of California's most timeless destinations: McWay Falls, along the Big Sur Coast. Filmed on the new DJI Inspire 1 Zenmuse...

"Yellow Aspen Forest" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Add the healing essence of golden sunlight and rustling aspen leaves in the mountains of King's Canyon National Park to any TV or digital screen with this fixed-angle 1 hour...

"Tranquil Canyon River" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Transform any monitor or digital screen into a flowing window to Zion with this relaxing immersion into the Virgin River. You'll feel as if you are sitting in the middle...

"Glistening Autumn Stream" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

"Glistening Autumn Stream" is a wide-angle 4K UHD Nature Relaxation video filmed in King's Canyon National park in late fall, in early morning looking downstream the King River. Sun sparkles...

"Cozy Christmas Fireplace" 4K Static Video Scene 2 Hrs

this 4K virtual fireplace scene features a cozy holiday-themed living room with a beautiful tree, piles of presents and a warm burning fireplace crackling in the evening light. It lasts...

"Journey to Everest" 4K Himalayas 30 MIN Dynamic Nature Video

JOURNEY TO EVEREST is an incredible visual and musical journey that ventures deep into the heart Himalayas, on a relaxing adventure to the infamous Mount Everest. Filmed in ultra high...

"Patagonia Journey: Fitz Roy" 1 HR Dynamic 4K UHD Music Video

An ultra high definition immersive relaxation experience with custom ambient music by The Cynic Project, "Patagonia Journey: Fitz Roy" is a dynamic 1-hour long visual journey along the iconic Laguna...

"Patagonia Mountain River" 1 HR Static Nature Video 4K

Add the pristine beauty of a crystal clear glacier-fed river in Patagonia to your immediate environment with this 1-hour long static angle scene from Patagonia's Mount Fitz Roy, in Argentina....

"Zen Garden Pond" 1 HR Static Nature Video Screensaver 4K

Transform any TV screen into a calming, beautiful Zen garden with occasional Koi fish, falling leaves, and the sights & sounds of a trickling small waterfall with this 1-hour long...

"Tropical Palm Vista" 1 HR 4K Static Caribbean Video

Transform any computer, phone, tablet or TV screen into a vibrant, living window to tropical paradise with this fixed angle Nature Relaxation™ 4k UHD scene from Antigua island, in the...

"Snowy Mountain River" Static Nature Video Scene 4K UHD

One of the most relaxing static scenes I have ever recorded, "Snowy Mountain River" presents a dazzling dynamic array of sights, sounds, and colors plus a gentle falling snow as...
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