The number one source for high quality nature videos designed for therapeutic use is, created by expert filmmaker and passionate nature enthusiast David Huting. Nature Relaxation™ videos sweep audiences on alleviating, awe-inspiring majestic journeys to the world’s most breathtaking places in 4K and HD, with stereo Nature sounds with or without soothing music.

Designed for all devices and settings, Nature Relaxation videos are available as instant digital downloads in 4K and HD, on Blu-Ray or DVD, and via the Nature Relaxation On-Demand service with convenient apps for phones/tablets, computers and TVs.


Daily life in our modern world can be mentally draining and downright exhausting: important decision making, constant deadlines, and endless daily distractions causes our stress levels to rise-that's life. But if not diffused regularly, this stress can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health and well-being. 

Research has now proven that long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the spike in stress hormones like cortisol which result- places you at increased risk for multiple serious long term health problems and diseases, including but not limited to:  Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Digestive problems, Chronic Headaches, Heart disease, Sleep disorders, social anxiety, weight gain, and concentration impairment.

As we all know, simply looking at a beautiful Nature scene helps quiet our busy mind, and therefore reduces stress. (Try looking at the video above for a few minutes and see for yourself.) Simply s
urrounding ourselves with Nature automatically nourishes our brains just as food & water nourishes our bodies. Hundreds of studies have proven just having a view of Nature in our environment allows our brain to work less than it has to in a non-natural setting such as a cubicle or office.

Fortunately, those without easy access or time for real Nature can still enjoy the brain-boosting benefits Nature provides daily thanks to Nature Relaxation™ videos by celebrated nature film maker David Huting. Whether for your home, office, or for display in your patient care facility, business, or organization, Nature Relaxation makes relaxation fun and easy, and when used in addition to time in real Nature, can lead to a more healthy, happy, and relaxed lifestyle regardless of how high-stressful your daily life is.

Ready to start combatting the harmful effects of stress daily with more Nature and Relaxation? 

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Tahiti Journey 1 HR Signature Dynamic Film in 4K UHD

Take a relaxing journey to the magical tropical islands of French Polynesia and Fiji with this ultra high definition signature dynamic nature film featuring a plethora of amazing scenes from...

"The Sparkling Sea" 1 HR Static 4K Nature Video from Big Sur

Transform your favorite screen into a vibrant, calming yet stunningly beautiful window to California's iconic coast near Bixby Bridge in Big Sur. Waves crash, birds chirp, and sun sparkles on...

"Vertical Vistas" 2-Hour Vertical-Oriented Nature Video 4K

Relax for full two hours with eight different gorgeous 15 minute vertical 4K UHD nature scenes from beautiful destinations spanning from the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, and California with this 2...

"Paradise" a Short Inspirational 4K Music Video

A light, fun, and vividly beautiful short synchronized Nature Relaxation™ multi-sensory immersion into the dazzling paradise that is the Fiji Islands. "Paradise" sweeps viewers from one idyllic tropical scene to...

"Moraine Lake Sparkling" 1HR Static Nature Relaxation Video 4K

Transform your screen into a virtual window to Moraine Lake- one of the most famous and bluest lakes in the world- with this 1-hour long, fixed angle 4K UHD nature...

"Celestial Relaxation" NASA Space 1 HR Dynamic 4K Video w Music

Relax to the wondrous and mysterious sights of deep space for one full hour with this sweeping dynamic Nature Relaxation ambient film in 4K featuring video from NASA paired with...

"Nature Relaxation Journey" Part III 2.5 HR Dynamic Video w Music 4K

Nature Relaxation Journey 3 is a gracefully flowing 2 1/2 hour ambient 4K film with soothing music designed to sweep audiences on an ultra high definition scenic journey into the...

"Glistening Island Beach" 1 HR 4K Static Fiji Video

An instant classic and perfect scene for mental escape, "Glistening Island Beach" places viewers underneath a big beautiful palm tree facing a perfect white sandy beach, glistening blue sea, sunshine,...

"Dazzling Blue Lakeshore" 1 HR Static New Zealand Video 4K

"Dazzling Blue Lakeshore" is a real-time 1 hour static 4K ultra high definition nature scene from New Zealand's Lake Pukaki, which sits in a class of its own when it...

"White Sand, Blue Water & Waves" 1 Hour Static 4K Scene - Fiji

An idyllic tropical island Nature Relaxation™ scene that lasts for 2-hours of real-time in 4K, "White Sand, Blue Water & Waves" instantly transforms any screen into a rejuvenating and vibrant...

"Purple Mountain Wildflowers" 1 HR Static Nature Video New Zealand 4K

One of the most beautiful & vibrant static nature scenes I have ever had the pleasure of discovering, "Purple Mountain Wildflowers" offers a full 1-hour immersion into a field of...

"Above the Fiji Islands" 1 HR DRONE Film in 4K UHD w/ Music

The first ever feature-length aerial Nature Relaxation™ film ever produced, "Above the Fiji Islands" sweeps viewers on an immensely relaxing, vibrant aerial voyage over the warm sunny tropical islands of...
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