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INFOGRAPHIC: Mindfulness practices to take control of workplace problems:   Julie Mosow's Harvard Business Review article, "Help Your Overwhelmed, Stressed-Out Team," offered some useful, practical approaches to help a leader keep her team calm and focused. But one key element was missing from the mix: the leader's mindset. If a leader is filled with stress, conflict, anxiety, and negative emotions, it spreads like a virus. A steady dose of toxic energy from higher-ups will encourage valuable team members to update their résumés rather than their to-do lists.  Our Brain on Stress When we’re under stress, the brain secretes hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that in the best scenario mobilize us to handle a short-term emergency, but in the worst scenario create an ongoing hazard for performance. In that case, attention narrows to focus on the cause of the stress, not the task at hand. Our memory reshuffles to promote thoughts most...
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Big Updates, New Videos, Special Offer & More...

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Tons of New Videos, Features, Functions, and more from David Huting First up is this MailChimp newsletter, which I'm sending to you because you're a past NatureRelaxation.com customer.  (Got this email in error? Unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the email !).  This newsletter will be a new weekly source of fresh video updates, new services, features, discount codes, contents, and more - I hope you're excited as I am! NEW 1-HOUR HD NATURE RELAXATION VIDEOS: "Redwood Forest Rejuvenation" 1 Hour HD Nature Relaxation Experience  After revisiting the beautiful Muir Woods redwood forests in San Francisco again recently, I was lucky enough to shoot a whole bunch of magical new footage of the redwood forest wonders.  Perfect early morning light and a freshwater stream combined for a video that completely immerses the viewer in the rejuvenating surroundings of this natural healing paradise.  "Deep Ocean Relaxation" Filmed in the Monterey Aquarium, this...
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