Nature Relaxation On-Demand: AppleTV App Information

About the AppleTV Nature Relaxation On-Demand App:

How to Download:
Search for Nature Relaxation on your AppleTV device. Download, and install! *Must be a new AppleTV (4th Generation)

Key Features:
On top of getting you on-demand access to every Nature Relaxation video ever made along with new releases, the AppleTV app supports several awesome features, such as:

Start a playlist and press play to relax all day thanks to continous playback functionality! Perfect for homes and businesses alike, (a license is required for the latter), the new AppleTV Nature Relaxation app is one of the easiest way to get the most out of your connected TV. 

For new AppleTV devices, a convenient voice search feature is available.

Ready to try it out?
Search for "Nature Relaxation" on the app store right now!