DVD / BluRay Information

Are you looking for Nature Relaxation videos in DVD or Blu-Ray?

Because of the large file size of 1080p HD video files, I do not recommend or sell my videos on DVD or Blu-Ray. Rather, I [highly] recommend purchasing a low-cost SD Card Player, which simply installs onto any TV, contains a remote control, and allows for endless playback in the highest possible quality - full 1080P (much better than streaming on YouTube on Vimeo).

What is an SD Card Player?

Essentially, it's the DVD/Blu-Ray player of the new age!  It's a simple little device that allows you to playback any media (movies, pictures, and songs) via an SD Memory Card.

SD Memory Cards VS DVDs - So why are they better?

They are much smaller, yet they can hold up to 20 time as much data.  They are resistant from scratches, and you can control / modify exactly what media you want on them. 

Learn more about SD Players and my recommendations for purchasing one: