Introducing the Coherence Series: a New Partnership with Apeiron Center is excited to announce a partnership/collaboration with Apeiron Center for Human Potential. Apeiron’s Research and Development Division creates evidence-based practices and lifestyle intervention strategies to beneficially up-regulate genetic expression.

Together we bring the power of nature and coherence of the breath into your world to provide easy-to-use solutions to integrate your active bodies and minds. We have teamed up to create a new style of videos designed to retune your system and relax even deeper as the power of nature merges with the epigenetics of conscious breathing.

Overview and Introduction from Dr. Mickra Hamilton, CEO of Apeiron Center:

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Your breath is the key to the new science of calm. Breathing is one of the few autonomic (meaning "automatic") processes that you also have direct conscious control over. This makes it a powerful way to intentionally shift the state of your nervous system, body, and mind. 

The Coherence Series of Breath Pacers is a transformative technology stack that has been developed over the past 2 years to maximize and optimize the positive effects of breath on your health.

Through epigenetics, the study of how your genes dynamically respond to the environment over time, we now understand the hard scientific details of how and why stress contributes to disease and poor health. But, more importantly, we now also understand how things like meditation and deep breathing, or even being immersed in nature, can reduce and offset the negative effects of stress by changing the expression of our genes in a positive way. We can actually change the environmental signals our body receives by changing the way we breathe and perceive stressful events. Areas of the brain that control our ability to respond logically rather than react emotionally to a situation become larger, and fear and anxiety areas of the brain tend to become less active. We feel calmer, and more in control.

Ancient traditions are intimately acquainted with power of the breath and it's ability to change the way we relate to our selves and the world around us, as evidenced by the variety of meditation styles around the world. Modern science is now showing overwhelming evidence of the myriad of positive epigenetic effects that conscious breathing has on the body and mind. In fact, nature, breath, mindfulness and meditation are some of the most potent health enhancing epigenetic modifiers known at this time. 

Now, Apeiron and Nature Relaxation have paired up and distilled these techniques into a whole-systems experience that you can download or stream for free today. Nature scenery, scientifically validated breathing rhythms, and 3D-mixed brainwave entrainment music efficiently bring your brain, body, and mind into a coherent state conducive to healing. 

All these techniques have been shown effective individually to create the health benefits of stress reduction. Now, for the first time, you can experience the powerful effect of these modalities combined from the comfort of your favorite device, without interrupting your schedule or life to get outside. 


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The Nature Relaxation/Apeiron collaboration began in 2016 in Austin, TX during SXSW as we co-curated the Google Wellness Lounge at the Capitol Factory. We designed a three person, five minute “human systems reset” experience to demonstrate the power of nature combined with the latest in technological advancements for over 100 entrepreneur participants.
We created an experience that captured baseline autonomic nervous system data with advanced bio-sensors and then recorded in real time the system changes during the five-minute event. Results were spectacular both subjectively and objectively as participants quickly entrained the nervous system and mind into optimal states of relaxation. The vast majority of people perceived experiencing profound shifts of states of consciousness and their nervous systems reflected this perception in real time by moving into optimal states of coherence. The nervous system changes were most pronounced in those experiencing high levels of stress.
Since then, Apeiron has been working to validate the effects of this powerful process in the body and the brain, and the Coherence Series is the first attempt at that.


Video/Cinematography - David Huting 
Pacer Animation and Music - David Krantz 
Chief Science Advisor - Mickra Hamilton