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Nature Relaxation™ founder and filmmaker David Huting shares why his videos are more than just entertainment, in the form of a short instrumental film - along with his vision & style, war on stress and mission to plant millions of trees every year. (Read time: 10 minutes)  FOREWORD: A NEW GENERATION OF ART It is my belief that we have already reached an enlightened age for humanity, as technology has allowed new forms of Art to emerge carrying the power to transform & enhance the lives of millions. Technology was supposed to bring about an age of relaxed living, but why is everyone more stressed, with disease rates higher than ever before? As technology has advanced, we traded our regular connection to Nature for convenience, yet the conundrum is that we can in fact use the devices made for convenience to reconnect to Nature.   With that, I invite you to watch my short film and help me usher in the #relaxationrevolution and #backtonature movement that is sweeping the globe as we speak!...
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With all the fuss about the new 4K HDR TVs on the market, Nature Relaxation owner David Huting wanted to take a few moments to clarify just what HDR is, how it works in photography and in video & TV playback, and why Nature Relaxation videos are perfect for any 4K HDR TV. [Read Time: 5 Minutes] About High Dynamic Range Dynamic (v) Range (n) = a diverse spectrum General Overview of what makes HDR Dynamic Range when referred to in video and photography is describing the range of light captured by the camera. As a general rule, the human eye has a much wider dynamic range than almost any camera, which is why it is easy for us to see both darks and lights simultaneously. Because most consumer and semi-pro cameras operate on a sensor that is much less than the full frame 35mm size, they capture far less light and color information...
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