january 21, 2017

written from the Blue Lagoon Resort, Fiji by david huting

Bula (hello in Fijian)! 

I hope this message finds you well and that the new year is off to a relaxing and yet fruitful start for you!  I wanted to take a few moments to share with you updates of the incredible new footage myself and my twin brother and new Nature Relaxation shooter Jeff have captured from New Zealand and Fiji!

Four Weeks in New Zealand and Fiji Filming new Nature Relaxation Content

12/28 - 1/9: Taveuni Island Return to Nanuku (the island from A Day in Paradise) 


Summary: Fortunate to re-visit the most perfect island I have ever been to: Nanuku. Was discouraged to learn that the island was sold to a private investor for $10M and so no tours were being offered to get back there. Fortunately, thanks to the Chief Rotu and his son and good friend Meli, I was able to on my last day in Taveuni make the 4 hour long excursion there. After enduring a rainstorm, we arrived on the shores of Nanuku and the sky opened up, allowing for 3 hours of shooting with my Sony A7RII, and X5 which resulted in some AMAZING videos, some of which are screenshoted above (but there are many more!)

Yasawa Islands 1/9 - 1/12
Video preview: Above the Blue Lagoon

Summary: filmed some beautful static perfect beach shots as well as a spread of several aerial 4K videos. Here is a preview from soaring above the Blue Lagoon, looking down on my friend Leon as he kayaked out into the blue oasis. Click here to watch on YouTube.

New Zealand South Island: 1/12 - 1/19
Milford Sound, Blue Lakes, Rainbows and The Iconic Tree @ Wenaka



While the entire time we were in the South Island we experienced extremely high winds and a lot of rain (so minimal drone shots), it seemed as though the Angel of Sun was looking out for us because many times as soon as we opened up the cameras, the sky parted and we were blessed with some incredible footage of fields of purple lupines, hundreds of waterfalls, iconic lakes and more.  Overall, while only being in New Zealand for about 8 days, we felt as though we were able to capture one of the most beautiful sets of content I have ever seen, which I can't wait to share with you!

January 19th - 29th: Back to Fiji

As much as we liked the nature in new zealand, both Jeff and I were very happy to board back to the land of free and abundant smiles and sunshine: FIJI! Now as I type this message from the Blue Lagoon resort, way up in Nacula Island, I am noticing that the light is just shifting and the water is starting to GLOW - I guess that means I better put this computer away and get the cameras ready!  My focus while here is going to be on capturing the best blue water beach scenes I can as well as a lot of Drone Aerial footage :) So wish me luck (especially because one of the clamps which holds the drone blade on is broken so at any point in time it could fall out of the sky!)

Mothe (Goodbye) and Vinaka (Thank You) for your support!


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