A special message from Nature Relaxation and The Master Shift, "Winter: Nature's Blessings" is the second of a 4-part series of short meditations covering the seasons, reminding us of the blessings that Nature freely provides us. 



Video by http://www.NatureRelaxation.com. Narration and concept by The Master Shift http://www.themastershift.org | Content Creators: Pauline Capalbo, Christine Segal. Music by Darshan Ambient (http://www.darshanambient.com) and video provided by yours truly.

A Note from David Huting:

This has been such a fun and exciting year with so many new great videos and locations I was able to share. And I am only getting started! Starting off 2017 in Fiji and New Zealand with a plethora of new camera gear - namely the Sony A7RII and my amazing Zeiss combo of lenses, the DJI Inspire1 Zenmuse X5r drone and gimbal system, and trusty 1-dc. So while you are warm and safe for the holidays I will be thousands of miles away sweating working on bringing you Fiji like you've never seen before ;) God Bless!